The Power of Intention with Matt Halson

by Aug 8, 2022

Have the tough conversations.

Tough conversations typically begin with a series of deep-diving questions. They’re an uncomfortable, unavoidable part of life. Although many of us look to hide and avoid these situations, they will always find you. And tough conversations aren’t only with other people — oftentimes, they’re with yourself. That’s why intention is a crucial part of these conversations. 

For Matt Halson, having these conversations with himself and his partner has brought about an entire change in lifestyle. And you can bring about that same transformation. Previously, Matt had a victim mindset. That mindset has evolved through the power of intent. You should be a student, a learner. Be intentional and curious with your questions as you probe deeper.

In today’s episode of the Becoming Kings Podcast, we discuss the steps Matt took to transform his life, how to have tough conversations, and learning to live every day with purpose. From learning about the primal man to getting in touch with his emotional side, Matt shares the immense impact of living with balance.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • The man from down unda’. (0:46)
  • Doing the work while keeping life together. (9:39)
  • Speaking truth vs stonewalling. (22:01)
  • Your partner is feeling isolated and alone. (34:40)
  • Holding to healthier boundaries & deep understanding. (46:26)
  • Pivoting when values shift. (55:52)

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