The Power of Never Quitting with Jesse Simpson

by Mar 1, 2021

Action is the adversary of adversity.

Jesse Simpson isn’t your average guy. As a US Marine, turned firefighter, then coach, his journey to find himself has taken him all over the world… just to bring him back to the same place he started:


Thing is, Jesse wasn’t always the standup guy he is today. Deeply troubled as a teen he was angry, lonely, and isolated. In middle school he got into fights regularly, suffered with suicidal ideation, and almost carried it out. By high school he was kicked out by his mom because of his overflowing anger and physical violence. 

Eventually finding his footing, he joined the military and aimed to be something. And yet after years of achieving and having the “perfect life” it all felt so wrong to him. The wounded middle schooler was still alive and well inside. Today, Jesse is something entirely different. He found the means to reconcile with his past, get over himself, and focus on improving the lives of others. 

As we talked, something kept coming up. Jesse had an experience in Peru that changed everything. It was that country he kept returning to year after year to find healing and purpose. 

Kick back with this interview to learn about Jesse’s transformation, the power of refusing to give up, and the healing potential we all have with the right tools.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Busyness and puppy training. (1:27)
  • Take a butcher knife to his wrist. (6:41)
  • The giver becomes the receiver. (12:01)
  • Selling all his worldly possessions. (19:56)
  • His first dance with plant-based medicine. (28:26)
  • Note to self: don’t punch mom in the face. (35:30)
  • Forgiveness and the volume of pain. (41:48)

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