The Power of Three Simple Words

by Apr 23, 2021

We’re taking a trip to India.

Years ago, a few buddies and I went to India, and what we saw there was shocking. 

Men… holding hands with other men. As it turned out, it was completely platonic. That’s when I realized maybe us Americans got the whole “male affection” thing completely wrong. So much so that it even affects our romantic and familial relationships. 

I know too many guys who are outright cold to the people they actually love because “feelings” aren’t for men. Meanwhile men in the rest of the world are holding hands, exchanging platonic cheek kisses, and hugs. 

It all serves as a stern reminder that our words and actions need to interact better. No, you don’t need to go start holding your bros’ hands, however consider telling them you appreciate them and care about them. 

It paves the way for deeper relationships and more vulnerability with your favorite people! This time on the podcast, we’re digging  into three words that can change your life, and cultivate better relationships! 

I bet you know what they are…

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • I. Love. You. (0:33)
  • There’s no such thing as rush hour in Mumbai. (3:52)
  • Male physical affection in India. (8:00)
  • Different types of love. (11:54)
  • The tragedy of repressed anger & pain. (15:46)
  • Brotherly love. (19:12)

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