The Power of Your Words

by May 7, 2021

Words = emotions

The words we attach to an experience ultimately become our experience. Everything we say affects how we feel. If we say we’re depressed there is an immediate physical reaction from our body. 

During events, Tony Robbins openly shares that he used to be a bit of a hot head. This only began to change when he started using different words to express what he was feeling in the moment. Instead of saying “I’m pissed off,” he’d say “I’m annoyed” because it made him laugh. As he laughed he did a complete 180 on his feelings.  

What words have the most powerful effect on you? 

Write ‘em down, let it sit, and swap out the words you use now for one that will empower you. 

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In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Transformational Vocabulary. (0:32)
  • A meeting that changes Tony’s life. (3:02)
  • Words transform your emotions. (6:46)
  • Wise words from Mark Twain. (10:21)
  • Will you do the work? (13:40)
  • The Arena is on! (16:31)

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