The Pursuit of Wholeness with Herb King

by Dec 27, 2021

Do you have the courage to really go for it?⁣

You have hopes and dreams.⁣ Chances are, many of the things you’ve sought after as an adult are the result of NOT having them as a child.⁣

⁣Herb King’s journey is no different in that respect.⁣

⁣My father grew up in Minnesota for hard working, blue collar parents.⁣⁣ Since he was a young boy, he had dreams of living an abundant lifestyle; one where his family didn’t have to live hand to mouth.⁣ And yet, even as he pursued his vision of success, there was an elephant in the room that was always present.⁣

After his wife of 37 years, my mom, passed away in 2006, he had a very serious decision to make.⁣ Would he utilize the same courage he tapped into to shape his career and come out of the closet, or continue living his secret life?⁣

In this episode, it’s so fun to sit down with my old man and talk about life, love and the pursuit of fulfillment.⁣

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • The Allure of the Big Apple. (2:10)
  • Perseverance. (11:17)
  • The Journey of Coming Out. (22:36)
  • How Speaking Your Truth can be Polarizing. (33:13)
  • Right vs Being Loving. (43:45)
  • Laughing or Crying. (50:40)

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