The Secret to Creating Lasting Wealth

by Dec 26, 2022

Why wealth isn’t what you’ve been taught.

When we hear the word wealth, we often think of monetary wealth and associate it with abundance. And as the holiday season passes, it’s important to remember how wealth applies to everything in your life. It isn’t solely about money. It entails your wealthy and abundant relationships with family and friends. And the relationship with yourself. 

Chances are you’ve got something others would want. When envy kicks in about other people’s money, relationships, or discipline, remember that you’ve got it pretty good. And if you truly desire more abundance, understand you’re in a good place. Then, use it as motivation and accountability to strive for what you want.

In today’s episode of the Becoming Kings Podcast, I share the secret to creating lasting wealth. While the holidays can be challenging for some, it’s still vital to be grateful for what you do have. Your “wealth” isn’t scarce. It’s just one of many perspectives about it.

In this episode, you’ll learn…

  • Cold weather can’t keep us down. (0:46)
  • Breaking out of old patterns. (5:35)
  • Creating space for what it is you want. (11:44)
  • What’s your focus for 2023? (15:58)
  • Strategies for creating greater abundance. (21:17)

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