The Secret to Knowing When You’ve Made It

by Nov 6, 2020

More Money, More Problems… Right?

Real talk for a second: money isn’t really all that. YES, it’s absolutely important, however there’s a trap many of us fall for. And it’s the biggest roadblock to being fulfilled and feeling successful. 

Can you guess what it is?

Thinking that you only deserve happiness AFTER you’ve hit a certain threshold. 

Sure, delayed gratification is a useful tool (and one that I use often). Yet if you’re always chasing a carrot you can never snag, at some point you’re going to give up. Which is why, we need to get real with ourselves about what success is AND what it’s not. 

For some their focus on money keeps them coveting what others have. For others, money is an endless vortex of feeling like it’s not enough. In this episode we’re taking a step back from the world’s definition of success and finding our own. You’re going to find out the secret to knowing when you’ve “made it.”

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • How do you gauge success? (0:32)
  • How do you remain motivated when your needs are met? (4:12)
  • Are you driven by pain or purpose? (8:30)
  • What’s the REAL value of things? (13:13)
  • You ARE fully loved, right here, right now, always. (17:44)
  • Fueled by growth, not insecurity. (20:47)

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