The Silent Crisis of Men’s Mental Health with Jennings Hester

by Aug 23, 2021

The bomb inside all of us.

Unaddressed stress is like a bomb that’s going to explode unless we cut the right wires. The suicide rates in this country are staggering, especially when you consider that MEN are far more likely to go through with it than women. 

These self-destructive thoughts and feelings are something many of us have experienced at one point or another… Which is a HUGE problem we often don’t have the right tools to solve, let alone remedy. 

When a college football injury ended Jennings Hester’s shot at becoming a football pro, he discovered he’d been using his gifts in life to run away from the blast radius of his stress and mental health problems, rather than facing them head on. 

Today, he’s processed much of that pain. Yet, it wasn’t just talking it out with people, it took forging a unique set of tools to manage his stress to ensure that he stayed happy, healthy, and available for all the people he loves in life. 

And on this episode of the Becoming Kings podcast, he’s going to teach us to discover what works for us, so we can get our stress under control and take control of our lives.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • From Alabama football to Finding Purpose. (1:28)
  • It doesn’t matter the background of men. (9:06)
  • Dealing with depression and anxiety. (20:31)
  • Healing contempt. (30:07)
  • The silent crisis of men’s mental health. (39:00)
  • Courage through Modern Masculinity. (47:14)

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