The Symbolism Behind the Becoming Kings Logo

by Jun 18, 2021

Getting beyond crowns and lions.

Going through the new logo redesign process was a bear. Maybe a tiger? Definitely NOT a lion. 

All I wanted was for there NOT to be a lion. 

And somehow, I got lions. And crowns. And BKs. Literally every single image I asked the batch of logo artists to avoid. I was starting to think someone was trying to send a message about the brand….

So I started looking further into what represented the brand

I’ve always enjoyed history’s warriors with their unique fighting tactics and cultures. So when I followed that rabbit trail, I landed on vikings. Specifically, an ancient viking symbol that piqued my interest. 

Through this entire process it taught me that it’s not just about the symbols, it’s about what the symbols elicit from people. Imagine if I’d gone with a lion or crown. You’d feel  a lot different about the brand, because it’s pinned up by clichés. 

Maybe they make you think I’m self-absorbed or some high-and-mighty alpha male type. I chose the valknut for a very specific reason, and it’s one you’ll discover when you listen to today’s episode of the Becoming Kings Podcast

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Looking for a symbol. (1:18)
  • What’s truly important? (3:46)
  • The “Valknut.” (6:42)
  • The Germanic People & Vikings. (9:13)
  • Inverting the “Valknut” into a crown. (12:02)
  • Lions wearing crowns. (14:31)

Listen to the episode

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