The Three Kingdoms of Life Mastery

by Jun 25, 2021

Your Kingdom is like a giant Venn diagram…

After more than a decade of working with men, I’ve got a pretty strong theory of how growth works. And the work we need to do as men, it’s actually fairly straightforward if you’re willing to dive in. 

We’ve spoken a lot about mental and emotional work on the podcast, which are really just the first steps to becoming the king of your kingdom. Where the next step of work comes in, is with the theory of kingship or as I like to call it:

“The Three Kingdoms of Life Mastery.”

These are three distinct areas we each need to master to thrive in our lives. You CAN have tremendous development without mastering these, however you’ll only experience who you want to be when you dig in and fight for control over them. 

Of course, the question is how. Actually…We need to start with what they are, and why they’re important for life mastery. Then we can get to how they help you become the kind of your life. 

In this episode of the Becoming Kings Podcast, you’re going to get a crash course in balancing your kingdoms, find out what they are, and why they’re basically one big Venn diagram.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Keep It Simple Stupid. (0:50)
  • The goal is seeking dominion over 3 kingdoms. (4:36)
  • Your Outer Kingdom. (8:58)
  • Your legacy & your gifts. (13:28)
  • Your Eternal Kingdom. (18:25)
  • The Kingdoms Reviewed. (22:01)

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