Tiger Can Teach Us

by Mar 12, 2021

Discovering the line between work and play.

Tiger Woods is a lot more like most of the men I work with than you may think. How?

Well, he got his start with golf at an early age. His father was intent on ensuring his son was the next golf superstar… even if he would pay lip service to the idea that Tiger could do what he wanted with life. 

Any moment Tiger was living for himself his family would swoop in and convince him that his life was golf. And so began his spiral into partying, mistresses, accidents, and the handful of sagas that would inevitably land him in the news. Sounds like famous people problems, right?

The core of his journey to realize himself is what I want to focus on because in that way he’s had the same burdens that many of us had, or continue to struggle with: Living for the approval of others. Making choices that fulfill other’s desires for us while forsaking our own.

If you’ve been dealing with the feeling like your life is completely beholden to others, I think this episode can help! Listen now to learn an important lesson from one of the best golfers of all time.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Tiger Documentary on HBO. (0:44)
  • Earl Woods’ shenanigans (3:34)
  • Whose love do you crave most? (6:55)
  • Integration, not healing. (11:06)
  • Tiger’s emotional stuntedness. (14:12)
  • Tony the Tiger. Lol (16:42)
  • The difference between work and play. (19:07)

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