Tips for Resolving Conflict in Relationships

by Aug 14, 2023

Why gratitude makes or breaks you.

Conflict is a natural and unavoidable part of any relationship. It’s how you handle it that defines the connection between two people. Is your first instinct to shout and blame, or approach the issue with poise and understanding?

Imagine transforming arguments into opportunities for growth, turning heated moments into deeper understandings, and changing misunderstandings into clear and shared visions. 

And think about the little eyes watching you. What are your kids learning from the way you handle conflict? By modeling healthy resolutions and expressing gratitude, you improve your relationship and set a healthy example. 

In today’s episode of the Becoming Kings Podcast, join my girlfriend and me as we explore the uncharted territories of relationships. We uncover how gratitude can be your saving grace, why arguments can actually forge deeper connections and the profound impact your relationship choices can have on your children. If you want to turn conflicts into connections, tune into this episode.

In this episode, you’ll learn…

  • Vanesa with 1 S. (0:51)
  • Wash your mouth out with soap. (8:33)
  • Becoming great examples for your kids. (18:46)
  • Being “saucy”. (31:40)
  • Love requires courage and willingness. (44:09)
  • Modeling healthy resolutions to your kids. (52:34)
  • BFF’s for LIFE! (58:29)

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