Trauma Healing with Brian Yang

by Sep 27, 2021

Living for deep, personal work.

From playboy to transformational coach, Brian’s life only realigned once he sought to go deeper than ever before. 

There’s a lot of transformational coaches out there. And after more than a few years of talking with them, I can tell you that the ones who are legit—the ones who can effectuate real change in their clients—are the ones who walk the walk. 

Brian faced down his quickly spiraling life and reclaimed it through the power of plant-based medicine. 

For Brian it revealed many truths about who he was, helping leave behind the facade of someone he never wanted to be. Today, he’s fully connected: physically, spiritually, and mentally to himself and his wife, Danika. 

Together they’ve conquered their traumas—even conditions that they were told it was impossible to overcome. Because of the work they’ve done successfully, and Brian’s personal transformational story I can’t imagine anyone better to bring on the podcast. 

That’s why on this episode of the Becoming Kings podcast I sat down with Brian to unpack everything, from plant-based medicines, trauma healing techniques, and fundamentally shifting who we are as people.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • This is the time! (1:27)
  • Logic based vs emotional reality mirroring. (11:46)
  • Working through deep childhood trauma. (23:30)
  • The growing sense of love. (34:01)
  • Trauma healing through workshops. (43:39)
  • Plant medicines, meditations and breath work. (51:31)

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