Understanding Trauma with Andrew Lynn

by Jul 4, 2022

Your personal narrative affects everything.

How you talk to yourself and see your past experiences affect every moment moving forward. It may be obvious that this is true; however, many men carry unreconciled trauma hidden in their personal narratives. Even if they accept this truth, they won’t process the trauma of their past because of the way it’s perceived. 

I’ve dealt with a feeling of shame because my childhood wasn’t as bad as others. Yet that doesn’t mean my (or your) childhood didn’t leave emotional baggage. Learning to define and understand trauma has brought so much clarity to how it’s affected my life. Once you begin processing trauma, you’ll find the leaks of anger, depression, and anxiety start to fade away. 

In this episode of the Becoming Kings Podcast, Andrew Lynn and I sit down to do a masterclass on trauma, fixing the narratives you tell yourself and the solutions to releasing emotions. Andrew and I share trauma symptoms, why the brain creates it in the first place, and the secret to processing it. 

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Diagnosed with depression & anxiety. (2:08)
  • Developmental trauma. (12:37)
  • Unexpressed emotion. (23:51)
  • Inner parent your wounded child. (34:29)
  • Doing more for others than we do for ourselves. (43:44)
  • Witnessing yourself releasing trauma. (49:30)

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