Understanding Your Commander’s Intent with Ray De La Nuez

by Oct 25, 2021

What is your “Why?”

What is one thing you hold onto every day? If all else fails, what can you cling to that serves as your beacon to follow? Many of us call this our “why.” With the shifting paradigm of masculinity, men need direction and something valuable they can uphold on a daily basis. 

This week’s guest, Ray De La Nuez, calls this “Commander’s Intent.” An active duty Marine Corps Officer, Ray has spent over a decade assessing combat situations on the ground helping his fellow marines understand Commander’s Intent. His guiding principle? At the end of the day, what absolutely needs to happen and how can that be achieved? Through his lived experience, he has identified Commander’s Intent as the first step to establishing the ground rules for a mission, your life, or any other situation that may occur. 

All of this wasn’t so clear for Ray. Despite having a successful marriage, career, and family life, Ray still couldn’t grapple with his complicated relationship with his father and childhood. An immigrant from the Dominican Republic, Ray was left searching for answers as to why he still felt unfulfilled. It was only when he identified his own Commander’s Intent that he began to feel more confident and able to move forward. 

On this episode of Becoming Kings, we explore how Ray’s experiences in the Marine Corps have shaped who he is today, how grit plays a role in every part of our lives, and how we can all identify our “why.”

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Born & raised in the Dominican Republic. (1:34)
  • A proud, self-acclaimed man. (8:45)
  • Commander’s Intent. (19:16)
  • A mentor’s ushering of the way. (29:57)
  • Grit: fighting three opponents at once. (40:15)

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