Understanding Your Privilege with Jason King

by Oct 12, 2020

He’s like the Dos Equis guy… but somehow way cooler.

Meet my cousin Jason King: Doula. Feminist. Dad support. 

You know, everything you’d come to expect from a King family member which is to say, “Not what you expected.” 

The thing about Jason is that he really cares about people. If “be of service,” was a person it’s him. He puts his entire being into improving the lives of others, from fighting for justice to serving new dads by helping them be better spouses. 

Jason lives in a tiny home but has a larger than life personality. As you know, I’m not into giving too much away about my interviews… be prepared for us to talk about everything! Being a doula, serving others, digging into racism, magic mushrooms, and way, way more than you bargained for.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Seattle and tiny house livin’. (1:30)
  • Healing before fatherhood. (11:20)
  • Why is there resistance to social equality? (26:08)
  • Generational trauma. (36:03)
  • Alien sightings. (47:28)
  • Earnest yearning to learn & connect. (1:02:30)

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