Wealth Mindset Hacks

by Dec 13, 2021

We’re given seeds, not trees

People often times are motivated to plant and harvest the seeds we’re given. What’s the real challenge though? 

The daily watering.

Many see wealth as the accumulation of monetary assets. More importantly, we have to recognize that the definition of wealth is fluid.  Having an abundance of love and giving in your heart is an essential part of your wealth mindset. Think of how much value you can add to someone’s life by giving. Even if you give by doing something menial, like complimenting someone, you are adding immeasurable value to their lives.

Let’s find out how we can start using our hearts as vessels and not vaults. What are some ways we can accumulate wealth by giving every day instead of taking? How can we water those seeds every day?

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Spirituality and Wealth. (0:47)
  • We are given seeds, not trees. (2:57)
  • Your heart is a vessel and not a vault. (6:06)
  • Giving is caffeine to the soul. (8:53)
  • Giving is living. (10:56)

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