What Are You Waiting For

by Nov 10, 2021

We wait because we’re scared

Life is happening to each of us, but how aware are we of that fact? Even if you are aware, the happening doesn’t always take precedence. Instead, we find ourselves waiting for something to happen. I’ve found that one prevailing feeling lords over us when we contemplate taking action instead of waiting.


We’re waiting to meet the right person, invest in the right business, or take the right job. Instead of being proactive, we are reactive. We wait for the exact right moment, because we fear change in our lives. We all feel that fear, but what are the ways we can move past it and go out and live life, rather than letting it happen to us? We tell ourselves stories about why we cannot have the things we want. 

How does one do away with fear and start living in a way where they stop waiting for life to happen to them? On this episode of Becoming Kings, we’ll unpack that question and stop holding our lives on standby. 

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • What are YOU waiting for? (0:47)
  • Fear. (3:52)
  • Thinking outside of the box. (7:40)
  • What are you putting off? (11:06)
  • Pursue that which you want. (13:47)

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