What is Essential in Your Life?

by Jan 6, 2021

“Was this the life I wanted?”

A little more than ten years ago, I realized I’d gotten lost in the happily-ever-after. I had a wife, house, dog, and a great paying job. Yet, it wasn’t making me happy… My marriage fell apart and my life was up-ended.

It hurt in the moment, though I cannot stress enough how much of a blessing it turned out to be for me. It taught me so much about what I had been denying myself, made plain what I needed to change, and made it possible to become the man I am today. 

So with 2021 here, I have to ask you: Is this the life you want? Or is it time to make some changes? One of the best ways to take on new opportunities is to figure out when you should say “Yes!” and “No.” 

How do you find out how to do that, and start living the life you want for yourself? You must discover your 3-5 top priorities.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Are you SO thankful 2020 is over? (1:20)
  • Where are you directing your focus? (4:29)
  • What is essential in your life and what isn’t? (7:46)
  • What happens if you don’t keep organized? (11:09)
  • What can you cut out to make time for the essentials? (13:51)
  • What is one thing that would really move your life forward? (16:03)

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