What IS Trauma?

by Jun 29, 2022

Focus on understanding the problem, not the solution

Many of us like to focus on solutions, hacks, and tricks to fix our problems. However, when we look deeper to understand the problem, the solution will often reveal itself. 

The way your brain deals with the three types of trauma is similar to a dam. The experience happens, and as a result, your brain blockades the flowing water. Over time, leaks are bound to happen, and your dam will succumb to the rushing water and gravity. It’s inevitable without proper care.

In today’s episode of the Becoming Kings Podcast, I share everything I know about trauma – the three types, how trauma is actually formed, and the best way to approach healing. It’s never too late to deal with unsound childhood experiences, and in this episode, I discuss how.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Trauma informed coaching. (0:46)
  • Dysregulated nervous system. (4:40)
  • 3 categories of trauma. (8:46)
  • There’s no more important work than this. (12:11)
  • Relationship ultimatums. (15:11)

Listen to the episode

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