What Men are Confused About Most

by Mar 26, 2021

Getting clear on your vision…

Before we can really get where we want to go in life, we have to figure out who we want to be. Understanding your desire to impact people a certain way, to be received how you see yourself, and move through the life of your design can only come with a roadmap drawn with vision. 

Many of the men I coach have been stuck spinning in circles because they “wing it.” 

Eventually they find themselves dazed and confused, and it comes from not knowing what their true needs are, what their purpose is, or what they want life to look like. Sometimes they make the same moves as their parents because it’s what they know, other times they run like the influencers they consume… which leaves them just as unfulfilled. 

How are you supposed to get anywhere if you simply don’t understand what you’re working with? 

As The Johnny King Show heads toward a rebrand and a refocus, let’s take some time in this episode to double down on learning how to consider our personal objectives and actually implement changes to make them happen. 

Are you ready to get to work with me?

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • The answer to men’s confusion. (1:02)
  • Attached? (4:15)
  • The mirrors around us. (8:28)
  • Has your relationship lost that loving feeling? (12:12)
  • How is it important for you to show up? (16:53)
  • Doubling down on men’s work. (20:08)

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