What One Man’s Blindness Can Teach You About Truly Seeing with Mark Bentz

by Aug 2, 2021

Free to be who you are.

Every day we tell ourselves stories as to why we can’t do something. Yet how often do we step back and see why we can do things? 

In talking with Mark Bentz, his entire life can be viewed as an exercise in seeing what he’s capable of, even though sight is an area where he lacks. Mark is legally blind (or vision impared), however it’s not something that holds him back. He’s an entrepreneur, philanthropist, massage therapist, public speaker, and educator. 

Even though he began losing his sight at the age of nine years old, he kept barreling toward all life had to offer him. 

Along the way he took what was labeled a significant roadblock in life, and turned it into his greatest strength. In choosing to lean into his freedom he’s accomplished more than anyone thought possible, while living a life unhindered by his degenerating sight. 

On this episode of the Becoming Kings Podcast, you’ll learn about Mark’s life, his mindset, and how YOU can live free, unhindered, and powerfully every single day.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • The nitty gritty. (1:31)
  • Winning two gold medals. (10:06)
  • When you stop growing, you’re dying. (20:49)
  • Bathing yourself in a powerful morning ritual. (31:24)
  • Creating a foundation to build off of. (40:51)
  • Mark’s two powerful charities. (49:50)
  • Coping mechanisms & memorized routes. (56:21)

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