What Your Kids REALLY Want

by Feb 9, 2022

Being There

Too often we physically exchange our presence and time for money, especially those who have a family. They feel obligated to provide and be workaholics when in actuality they’re losing what is important…

Time with our loved ones.

Yes, financial obligation is important and necessary, however, kids are desperate to spend time with their parents. The overbearing weight of providing for family will actually negatively reinforce bad habits and force people into working too much, all in the name of being a breadwinner. 

There is always the next job, business opportunity, deal, or sale to look forward to. Instead of focusing on the never-ending churn of business and work, it is essential to take time to be there for your kids and family. Yes, it’s what they want. But it’s also what they need.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Shootin’ the shit. (0:51)
  • Non-sexy business opportunities. (5:23)
  • Your kid’s wants vs needs. (10:21)
  • Take a real hard look. (14:19)
  • Rationalizing away our kid’s needs. (16:46)

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