When We’re Not Feeling Worthy of Love

by Dec 5, 2022

Your heart versus the intellectual.

As men, we tend to gravitate toward logic rather than emotions. Sometimes it’s difficult to explain something intellectually. It’s a feeling to be understood, not something to explain. You “just know” and it’s not logical. 

When you’re not feeling worthy of love, it’s a matter of the heart. The same goes for not feeling fulfilled in your profession. And for trauma. The truth is that logic can only take you so far. So how do you use your heart to feel worthy? To attain fulfillment? To alleviate trauma? Understanding. 

In today’s episode of the Becoming Kings Podcast, I discuss the principles behind understanding your heart and how it leads to more love and abundance. Additionally, I share my framework to weaponize trauma for improvement. This is your opportunity to work on past trauma, present fulfillment, and future love.

In this episode, you’ll learn…

  • Smartless. (0:46)
  • Be careful by how you judge success. (6:34)
  • How we weaponize our trauma. (13:58)
  • How quickly can we recover from our triggers. (20:54)
  • Opening your heart to more love & abundance. (28:24)

Listen to the episode

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