Where you Spend Time is What You Value

by Jan 12, 2022

Chasing joy and not a paycheck

As I reflected on a hectic year that was 2021, I highlighted what were the biggest value adds and events in my life. Using those, I was able to cast a vision for 2022. What was the most profound revelation from this exercise?

None of it was related work. 

As a self-diagnosed workaholic, I spend a lot of time that doesn’t really move the needle for me. These activities are life-sucking and disassociate me from what I feel really driven to achieve. 

I obviously love my life and my work (or rather my purpose and mission), but how much time am I really spending doing the parts of my work that I really enjoy? Teaching, coaching, having deep conversations. These are the components of my work and life that I get the most joy out of, yet spend the least amount of time in. 

This year, how can we spend more of our time actually doing the things we love? Take a look at your key performance indicators and think about how you can add value to your life by chasing joy more often.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • What do you value? (0:52)
  • Work vs play. (4:29)
  • What are your highlights? (8:32)
  • Money, time, fulfillment, waiting… (12:23)
  • Let go and let God. (15:16)

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