Why Do “Men’s Work”?

by Aug 25, 2021

Creating a path of healing.

With so many different men’s coaches out there with different angles and philosophies, I often get the question from my clients “Why do men’s work?”

You may not know this… I used to be a women’s coach. However, in the course of that work I realized that men needed the support just as much. In fact, many men needed “permission” to begin healing. 

Turns out that as men we may not even feel like we’re allowed to admit there’s something wrong. So much so that even traditional methods of exploration of pain like counseling aren’t quite enough to encounter and release trauma. 

Because of this my answer to “Why men’s work” is something more like…

I’m here to show men all the ways they can heal. From personal growth and coaching, to plant-based medicine and deep personal discovery. 

In this episode of the Becoming Kings podcast, we’re unpacking why I do this work, and how plant-based medicine can help us heal even more deeply than modern traditional methods.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Look forward to the interview w/ Brian Yang! (0:49)
  • The drive for more never ends. (4:20)
  • Working with trained professionals. (7:52)
  • You’ve got options. (11:31)
  • The journey of progress. (14:56)

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