Why Do You Post On Social Media?

by Oct 29, 2021

Are you posting to prove something?

Social media is deeply ingrained in our society. There’s no shame in admitting that almost all of us are addicted to social media in some way. We all have our reasons for posting, whether it be to show off our exciting life, highlights, or simply increasing our engagement. I think many of us though have an ulterior motive for posting. Deep down, we’re insecure and looking for validation from others. 

I find myself not posting nearly as much as I used to for this very reason. Realizing that my social media use was ultimately a net negative on my life, I had to reconfigure my approach toward it. Now my social media use is based around one concept, intent. Can my social media be of service? How can I highlight others’ great work and celebrate their wins? Can I post something that will genuinely help or inform someone? What can I share that might inspire others? 

What are some ways we can reel in our worst tendencies on social media? Can we flip the script and start using it as a way to promote helpful resources? Or is it already too inherently harmful to us to be utilized for good? 

These are some of the questions I’m looking to answer on this Friday’s Becoming Kings episode.  Let’s break down this under-discussed problem and find ways to use social media with intent.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Are you even on social media? (1:10)
  • What is your motivation to be on the socials? (6:34)
  • Are you in integrity? (12:07)
  • Chipping away at your insecurities. (17:48)
  • What is your intention? (23:55)

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