Why Men Need Challenge

by Jan 30, 2023

Challenge breeds growth.

Nearly all of us want to evolve, improve, and grow. It’s in our nature to get better and be competitive with ourselves and others. At the same time, we get pushed in the other direction — stagnation. Without momentum toward growth, we become accustomed to staying the same and, in some cases, becoming worse off. 

If challenge breeds growth, ask yourself how you’ve been testing yourself recently. What do you desire? Have you taken steps to get there? 

Many of us, myself included, fall into the category of stagnating. And it’s because we forget to push ourselves. So how do we continuously challenge ourselves so we always grow? In today’s episode of the Becoming Kings Podcast, I share details about the Code of Kings (you’ll want to know about this), how to define the man you want to be, and why motivation alone won’t always cut it.

In this episode, you’ll learn…

  • The Code of Kings. (0:46)
  • Clearly defining the man you want to be. (5:11)
  • Significance vs humility. (10:43)
  • Challenge promotes respect. (16:00)
  • Letting go of gaining people’s approval. (20:24)

Listen to the episode

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