Why Willpower Never Works

by Nov 12, 2021

Square pegs and round holes

So often we resort to denying ourselves basic needs for short-term gains. We use willpower as a means to plow through our problems, work, and life in general. Shoving square pegs into round holes is not a healthy avenue for growth. 

Everyone has lifelong habits they’ve had trouble breaking. Smoking, drinking, and other unhealthy lifestyle choices are notoriously hard to break. We need to go one step further to break those habits, rather than going in blindly and hoping that they’ll change. 

On this episode of Becoming Kings, we’ll discuss how creating leverage and associations with lifelong behaviors can create decisive and long-lasting gains in your life.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • How long does willpower work? (0:52)
  • What is dieting? (4:20)
  • Breaking lifelong habits. (8:13)
  • Why Tony doesn’t drink. (12:03)
  • Creating leverage. (15:04)

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