Would You Like Mushrooms on That?

by Jul 10, 2020

Last time we talked about “substances” it was special cookies…

I hope you’re ready for another round of “Johnny tries stuff and feels weird about it!” Eh, seriously though, I’m not much for altering substances and I keep finding myself going for it anyway. Why?

Because of my friends. It’s always my friends. That said, life would be fairly boring without them, and these experiences usually teach me something about myself. 

So, I’m going to reflect on the two times that I’ve tried ‘shrooms.

I’d like to level a content warning: I’m talking (briefly) about a psychedelic experience, reminiscing about pain and loneliness, and I also discuss abortion (someone’s emotional experiences with it, not the politics behind it) later in the episode. 

This one is going to be a bit raw, so buckle up.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • A journey into the woods. (1:00)
  • Would I do it again? (7:00)
  • Accessing distant memories. (14:31)
  • The sadness of being alone. (22:21)
  • The message from the mess. (30:40)
  • Surrendering to the process. (37:02)
  • The belief that I’m unlovable. (42:45)

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