Writing A #1 Best Seller with Joshua Sprague

by Aug 22, 2022

A book will make you a credible source.

Authority and credibility are potent characteristics of the mind. There have been countless studies on how people perceive authority figures. For example, one study showed that simply wearing a white lab coat (posing as a doctor) caused people to act entirely differently than they normally would. 

When you’re an expert in your industry, people view you in a different light. Instead of questioning your processes, they shower you with respect and admiration. Becoming highly knowledgeable will help advance your career. And writing a book is just one way to establish your authority on a given subject.  

In today’s episode of the Becoming Kings Podcast, I sit down with Joshua Sprague to share the behind-the-scenes of writing a number one bestselling book and much more. Additionally, we cover tips for career pivoting, pushing through mental resistance, and how to accelerate skill development in any industry.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Mexico vs Montezuma. (0:46)
  • Creating a lifestyle of a King. (8:48)
  • Infusing pain into the story you’re telling. (22:09)
  • Are you a writer? (34:42)
  • Digging into the book writing challenge. (44:20)
  • Being rebellious with your morning routine. (54:56)

Pick up Joshua’s book here: Create First, Consume Second

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