You Must Protect This House

by Sep 3, 2021

Committed to the process.

Something you may not realize is that where we spend most of our time informs how we come across to others. Whether you spend hours at the gym, or all day outside, you’re bound to look the part

And with spending your time in specific places, you’ve probably got your rituals and processes—whether you recognize them or not. 

“So Johnny, what does that have to do with ‘protecting this house?’”

Glad you asked 😉 

Our processes are what guide our lives, and by directly affecting our processes we can alter the results in ourselves. The question, as with most things, is how? It’s easy to sit here and say “Change X or Y!” 

The first step in this is recognizing that a change needs to happen, the second step… Well you’ll hear all about it in this episode of the Becoming Kings podcast.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Take care of your own house. (0:55)
  • Creating in the present from the future. (3:55)
  • A man’s Code of Kings. (6:52)
  • How you do anything is how you do everything. (9:48)
  • Become the leader you desire to be. (11:47)

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